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TFT Causal Diagnosis (Advanced)

3 day Interactive training with Christopher Semmens

In TFT, perturbations contained in thought fields are seen as the root cause of emotional distress and they correspond to energy meridian points on the body. How do we know what points need to be treated and in which sequence? There are 14 potential treatment points in TFT that, mathematically, have the potential for 87 billion possible combinations of treatment points.

  • Learn about toxic sensitivities
  • Learn about Heart Rate Variability
  • Learn how to diagnose specific treatment sequences

We are able to determine which points need to be treated and in what sequence by a method called causal diagnosis. TFT causal diagnosis is a process of revealing the specific perturbations in the precise order in which they occur. It is the discovery of this order, or encoding of perturbations, which reveals the exact treatments with the best chance of achieving the most efficient outcomes.

The causal diagnostic procedure consists of: having the client tune the thought field by thinking about the problem, testing for psychological reversal, and diagnosing which treatment points are needed and in what sequence, through muscle testing. The muscle testing procedure comes from the field of Applied Kinesiology, developed by chiropractor George Goodheart, D.C.

The causal diagnostic procedure provides the TFT practitioner with a code that, much like a combination lock, must be followed in the exact sequence uncovered by diagnosis in order to most efficiently produce the desired result of eliminating the perturbation(s) and thus, the emotional distress. Just as one cannot expect to open a combination lock using the correct numbers and the wrong sequence, the energy meridian points of TFT need to be stimulated in their proper sequence. Like combination locks, some treatment sequences are very simple, requiring only one or two points, whereas others require a series of intricate combinations to get results (Callahan, 1995-1998).
Completion of this training is required prior to the completion of the Registered Licensed Trainer's Program and becoming an approved TFT Algorithm level trainer.

Causal Diagnosis training Australia is only held in Perth. These courses will be run at any time with a minimum of ten participants. Expressions of interest welcome

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