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Thought Field Therapy Courses & Training

THOUGHT FIELD THERAPY is a remarkable technique that is completely safe, non-invasive, natural, and drug-free! We teach the history, the mechanics and the application of the TFT Technique.

Thought Field Therapy Algorithms Training courses are presented as a fourteen hour workshop: you will learn the history, mechanics and application of the technique including the most commonly used treatment sequences.

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Thought Field Therapy Causal Diagnosis training is an advanced workshop run over three consecutive days during which you will learn how to diagnose specific treatment sequences for your clients, identify individual energy toxins and chakra balancing.

These courses are offered to professional mental-health and other practitioners as well as interested lay persons. The groups are deliberately mixed in order to demonstrate real life situations.

The TFT Optimal Health three day workshop builds on Causal Diagnosis and includes training on how to remotely diagnose and treat individuals. Contact us for more information about the other TFT Training Courses

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