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Is Thought Field Therapy (TFT) effective for weight loss?

This report is from a client of a Queensland psychologist who uses Thought Field Therapy

as part of a multi-modal approach to resolving problems.


4th October 2011

Jacqui first introduced me to the techniques of tapping on 17th September 2011, and I am both thrilled and astounded at the power and efficacy of the treatment. It feels miraculous!

Because I had never heard of this technique, I had no expectations. However, I have had success with acupuncture, so understood the explanations of the chakras, meridians and blockages. I am open to alternative approaches, so was neither sceptical nor blindingly trusting. I think I was most reassured by the fact that I had full control over the process, I was not required to hand over control of my body or mind. So I was happy to try this – especially as I felt very stressed by the problem I brought to the consultation – my ballooning weight and my obsessive need to eat, eat, eat. To my surprise, Jacqui did not seem to pay much attention to my weight and eating issues, but focussed on an exploration of old pains and griefs in my life. She assured me that this was the underlying cause of my problem, and her explanation made good sense, so I kept an open mind.

However, open mind or not, nothing could have prepared me for the immediate and profound changes I have and continue to experience.

Within the first two days, I quite literally felt a huge stone lift from my chest. It was a solid physical sensation of a great rocky weight simply lifting and evaporating. While I had always been vaguely aware of this implacable lump of discomfort in my chest (I have always thought of it as unshed tears), I was only truly aware of it as it lifted. What a blissful sensation, as it lifted and left, forever it seems.

The other immediate effect was the astonishing discovery that food is simply food; I am not pulled by the siren song of food at all now, it has stopped calling to me. I have always eaten a healthy diet, with lots of fresh fruit and vegetables, and no red meat. But I also ate much else besides; I would feel compelled to have a coffee in order to justify eating some sweet item, even though I would be fully aware that I was not really enjoying it. Neither did it ever truly fill me up or satisfy my hunger. Now I prepare and truly enjoy my delicious meals, and am utterly satisfied. The crying child inside me, always wanting more, is happy at last. And to think that, after decades of dieting, meditating, listening to self-hypnosis tapes, attending Weight Watchers, and hating myself as a weak glutton, the simple tapping technique was all I needed to know and practise.

During the first days, I experienced a few important changes. One was the constant surfacing of old painful memories, all of which were associated with my ‘neediness’ and old pain. However, as I am able to recognise them as the old underlying triggers, I can review them as simply memories, of no influence on my present life.

A second impact was equally unexpected – I started sleeping more deeply and for longer than is my usual pattern. This lasted about ten days, and I have now returned to my usual pattern of perfectly restful sleep, 7-7½ hours per night.

And a third issue is that an old, and I suppose associated fear, has simply melted away. I received a phone call I dreaded, from a person I fear and dislike, and to my amazement, I felt perfectly calm and able to simply listen and respond in kindness and love. Needless to say, the caller’s response to my relaxed demeanour was equally relaxed and calm, even loving. What a huge, and unexpected, bonus.

So, to summarise the changes since I learned and used the tapping technique:

  • Food is simply food. I eat what I enjoy, no more and no less. I feel no urgent need to eat by the clock, or to avoid missing a meal. Food has no control over me any longer, and needless to say, I am losing weight without trying or concentrating on it.
  • My confidence is soaring. I am aware that old fears and dreads are simply not there – it is not that I have rationalised them away – they have simply evaporated. Bliss!

I am deeply grateful to Jacqui and to this amazing technique. The world would be a better place if more people were aware of this simple, self-empowering technique.

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